Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training Services

Private training services are excellent for individuals that want more personalized attention than a group class can provide or for dogs that are not appropriate in a group class.  We also offer Private Training Packages where we do the training for you!

“Stay and Train” Doggy Daycamp – we now offer “Stay and Train” day training program. You drop your dogs off to us in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon/evening.  We train the dogs for you and involve you in the training process.  We utilize state of the art remote collar training with low stimulation levels (NO shock).  Four Training Packages are available.

Bronze Package: Your dog will know all of the following behaviors when complete Sit, Down, Place, Stay, Come and beginning of Heel (Loose leash walking).

Silver Package: Sit, Down, Place, Stay, Come and Heel (loose leash walking)

Gold Package: All of the above with on or OFF LEASH control.  

Behavior Consultations – are also available at our facility in Haslett.  We are able to consult with you on all issues regarding companion animal behavior — house soiling, fear and aggression etc.  Pricing depends on severity of problem.

We schedule your package classes around facility and instructor schedule and will contact you with your personal schedule once you place your order.

Bronze Package* 7 sessions + 7  Drop in classes $899  
 Silver Package *

 1o sessions + 10  Drop in classes $1190


 Gold Package *

  15 sessions + 15  Drop in classes $1540


*Cost INCLUDES a E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator Collar.  Other equipment is available at an additional charge.

Contact us for a free consultation/demonstration, references are available upon request.

Contact us for more information about any of the programs & services.   517-349-0502   1575 Haslett Road, Haslett, MI 48840