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Puppy Training Programs

Puppies can begin their training in a Group Puppy Class – Good Dog! Training has been offering the best puppy classes in the area since 1998, many Great Dogs got their start in a Good Dog! Training Puppy class.  You can see the entire group puppy class schedule below and enroll now.  If you know you want your puppy to begin first in a group class and then graduate to one of our Private Dog Training programs – you will see a link to enroll in that program below.  We look forward to working with you and your puppy — we love what we do at Good Dog! Training.


January 2019 Classes
Monday January 14th Evening Class $135 for six weeks
6:30-7:30pm Good Puppy! FULL


*MUST have completed a puppy class to enroll in this class.

Advanced Puppy!
Tuesday January 15th Evening Class $135 for six weeks
6:30-7:30pm Level One
7:45-8:45pm Good Puppy!
Wednesday January 16th Daytime Class $135 for six weeks
10:30-11:30am Good Puppy!

Super Puppy! Program


**Includes a Good Puppy! Group Class + a 7 Day Stay/Train program *after* completion of the group puppy class.  In addition you will also get an addition TWO drop in “Perfect Practice” classes.  ** $1170.00 value for $995


Equipment for group class:

Please bring your puppy on a regular leash (no retractable leashes), have tasty food treats for your dog.  A collar or harness is fine.  Training equipment is also available for purchase at classes.

Course Descriptions

Good Puppy!  is for puppies up to 24 weeks (or six months) of age at the START of class. Emphasis is on proper socialization to other puppies, dogs, and people. This important class helps shape proper temperament in your pet dog. Early training lays a foundation for a great relationship with your dog. Sit, down, place, coming when called and loose leash walking are covered. **Our classes DO NOT feature puppy playtime.  If you are looking for a puppy playtime class our program may not be for you**

For information about any of the courses contact:Good Dog! TrainingJanet A. Smith / Director of Behavior Programs/ Owner 517-349-0502